Enterprice Resource Planning

In addition to TEC / ZTEC PCS which mainly an integrated system to manage the communication, construction interrelations, time and cost, safety, quality, in addition to design changes and all variations evaluations and approvals, TEC / ZTEC also is competitively adopting the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) in it operation. TEC / ZTEC ERP is a very practical database system, designed to monitor the construction cycles with less document controlling efforts to mainly improve project performance through project controls best practice, provide visibility into project cost performance across the enterprise, make project controls more efficient and effective through automation, integrate critical sources of data predict outcomes and take corrective actions. These fundamental objectives are achieved through:



• Develop coded budget by converting Bill of Quantities to estimation sheet.
• Enhance and synchronize the developed coded budget to fit ERP data system and the project operations.
• Establish a cost allocation and monitoring system including material orders, resource costing, manpower control and monitor.
• Establish reporting system up to micro-level in all associated cost creators items with the project deliverables, those including direct costs of materials and labours, subcontractors, in addition to overheads and indirect costs.