Quality Assurance

A.Procedures for controlling the Quality of Work at site
The following procedure is effective in providing quality in constructed projects which meets or exceeds desired performance criteria, also documentation to verify the results obtained:ults obtained:



1. Quality control of Materials
1-1 Approval of samples: material transmittal form which will be submitted to consultant for approval after approval of the material resources.
1-2 Material delivery schedule: material delivery schedule which consider the approval period from the consultant.
1-3 Storage: an approval storage method will be applied to all approved materials.

2. Quality control for Working Procedures at Site:

The following will be submitted to consultant:
2-1 Shop drawings and shop drawings schedule shows a format for shop drawings schedule.
2-2 Method of statement for different types of works.
2-3 Suggestions for any changes in specification, detailed drawings.

3.Quality control for technical Staff:
Organization chart will be submitted to serve the consultant needs.

4.Quality control of construction Procedure at Site:
The flow diagram gives a detailed example of how the procedure operates in case of quality control on concrete construction. (Note all these steps are required for al types of materials).

5.Planning for Quality control Procedures:
The following program will be submitted to consultant separately for approval and of course should be coordinated with the general working program:
5-1 Program for material submittal.
5-2 Program for material delivery dates.
5-3 Program for inspection, testing of items required by consultant which meets project technical specification

B. Correctness and coordination Between drawings
Reference to items no (a) which explains the coordination and shop drawings schedule.

C. Coordination between all trades and subcontractors Every possible effort should be made to assist each subcontractor to establish mutual coordination and respect among all parties. Each
subcontractor should know he is expected to be working others to finish their works. Certain programs, reports have been found to be helpful and reduce the possibility of claims:
c-1 All subcontractors had to submit a detail program of their works which will be considered in the general working programme.
c-2 Weekly meeting for all subcontractors for updating the programme coordination, solve unexpected difficulties.
c-3 Subcontractor status report.

D. Procurement
Procurement is one of many interdependent planning and control systems on a project and as such it must fit in the others. our approach is simply to merge the procurement activities with the operation activities in the general working program. Then a detailed procurement schedule will be made which will list the items, details procurement schedule will be made which will list the items, details of its suppliers, its cost and start and end dates for each of applicable procurement steps and the interface point to the project to the project schedule.

The procurement cycle:
(the procurement cycle includes all or some of the following steps.)

1. Identification or recognition of need during design or estimation stage.
2. Qualification of elements needed and operation of procurement specifications.
3. Issuance and processing of internal requisitions.
4. Solicitation of bids or price quotations.
5. Receipt of bids or price quotations.
6. Issuance of purchase order.
7. Vendors or subcontractors preparation and submission of shop drawing review and approval of shop drawings.
8. Fabrication by vendor or subcontractor.
9. Tracking and expediting.
10. Shipping and traffic.
11. Delivery and inspection.
12. Storage and handling on site prior to use.
13. On site fabrication operation.
14. Installation and testing in constructed facilities.
15. Owner’s acceptance / rejection, warranties, corrections and other follow up. (Not all these steps are required for all type of materials)

E. Preparing and checking of Work Shop drawings:
Work shop drawings are prepared and checked by the structural department to meet
project detailed specifications. Separately, all sub-contractors had to submit their work shop drawings to the project manager which are checked, coordinated, corrected and then submitted to the consultant for approval.
(The transmittal form used and the procedure for document submissions can be submitted upon request).

Quality Assurance System

Statement of Policy
TEC / ZTEC is an ethical and accountable strategic partner delivering a competitive edge to clients by managing project ris through innovative solutions and superior building services.
Key element in this delivery process is the Quality system of Transemirates contracting, the objectives of which are:
• Quality of construction and administrations management.
• Quality of material, plant and equipment procurement.
• Quality of operational activities.
• Delivery of quality assured project which meets the clients specified requirements.
The Quality system of Transemirates contracting though well defined has yet to be fully developed, prior to its accreditation and full implementation.
Suitably trained and dedicated staff and operatives are committed to perform tasks within defined authority and responsibility levels progressively achieving client’s requirements.